Love where you are

see the beauty

"the kind of art I create takes a passing moment and makes it last forever - like a timeless piece of decor, a record of history, an emotion frozen in amber for eternity"

I'm magnetically drawn to the beauty of our surroundings, like the needle of a compass to north.

And the most beautiful thing about beauty is that it's so personal and somehow so universal at the same time. I have seen beauty in a hurricane, in the wings of a vulture and in the emotion of a crying face. I have seen beauty in the connections between people, the ocean waves lapping the shore and the surface of the moon on a clear winter night. If you allow yourself to 'see' things without the constraints of preconception you can often be surprised and in awe with what you find.

I'm multifarious - a true eclectic. I have a scientific mind, the gift of curiosity and the soul of an artist. I'm a self taught story teller and my camera is my conduit, a historian of sorts actually, with a mix of technical skills and straight photographing what feels right. My connection with my clients is a unique one. It's one that's authentic and natural and comfortable.. That's a big part of what makes them so exclusive and meaningful to my clients, as well as to me.