M Y    S T Y L E


I have always gravitated toward using natural light as my primary lighting source while leveraging the environment as my backdrop. I love the way the light lends a soft, natural feel to my images and the environment gives a glimpse beyond. Although I shoot with digital equipment, I originally began shooting with film and I still love the tonal qualities that film provides - my images tend to have a film shot feel. 

I always enjoy hearing about the way it makes them feel, the way they interpret it. The relationship between imagery and emotions can be profound. Imagery has the power to tell you a story, leave you with a feeling, remind you of days gone by. Bringing emotion, visual beauty and detail together creates powerful imagery. The kind of imagery that speaks to me as an artist. 

My sessions are relaxed and leisurely. I guide my clients throughout the process, making them feel comfortable and at ease. So often, my clients share how much they've enjoyed the process and were so relieved to have had such a good experience, even those that are uneasy in front of a camera.


D E T A I L S 


Prices include up to 20 miles travel from zip code 06801. Additional charges apply for distances exceeding 20 miles, as well as fees in locations which charge fees to gain entry.

Classic sessions usually take about 1 hour, sometimes a little less, to create the kind of images that you'll love to look at for years to come.  I encourage my clients to dress in clothing that they feel comfortable in, but to give particular thought to how they want their images to look. Both I and many of my clients pull inspiration from Pinterest. It's a wonderful catalyst for planning and collecting ideas.

In my opinion groups look best coordinated, not matched in identical colors or patterns. Think about how stores and brands will group collections of clothing and accessories that compliment one another and look great paired together. Search for those in stores if you don't have something that you love already. Layers can add interest and can easily be removed to give a different look. Flowing fabrics work well in highlighting movement. Texture adds interest in detail.

Chemistry shows in photos - when people have great chemistry and connections it comes through. I love when my clients have authentic connections happening even though I am there with sharing time and space with them. I love documenting both the real moments in peoples lives as well as helping guide them to tell a story with the images we're creating. We spend time doing both posed and natural photos.

A few days after the session I share a sneak peek on social media sites. Clients are then provided with a link to a password protected gallery to view the edited photos from their session, within 2 weeks. Upon receiving their gallery link clients have 5 days to make their selections before the gallery link expires. The gallery may be reactivated for a $25 fee if clients would like more time. After their items have been ordered their selections will arrive within 2-3 weeks, sometimes sooner.


skill in a particular craft.
"I admire her engineering skills and craftsmanship"
synonyms: workmanship, artistry, craft, art, handiwork, work; More
the quality of design and work shown in something made by hand; artistry.
"a piece of fine craftsmanship"

Many hours go in to the planning, photographing, culling, editing, proofing, communication, ordering and delivery of consistent, high quality end product. The goal of my fine photography is to provide my clients with heirloom quality images to enjoy for many years to come.

I take pride in the time and dedication I have invested in my education, selection and care of equipment, craft and reputation. I am invested in my craft; invested in my skill, education, equipment and dedicated to consistently producing fine products.


50% deposit required to book your session, remaining 50% due 48 hours prior to the session to confirm your session

* please contact me for customized sessions and event pricing



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