"Our office is beautiful and tranquil with the new artwork.  Our patients as well as staff have all commented on the artwork and it is really liked by all.  We have had many of the staff stopping in to view it after hearing from someone else just how nice it is! ... We are very happy with the selections and have something in all the rooms as well as the patient common areas. "

- Barbann I.

“From the minute I met Stacy, I knew we were going to have a wonderful experience.  My family and I are not usually comfortable in front of the camera, and our pictures can sometimes look posed and stiff.  Stacy made the whole thing utterly relaxed and enjoyable.  She spent a lot of time with us, from explaining how to prepare for the session to leisurely walking around our property with us to find the best possible spots for photos.  We didn’t have to think … just be ourselves and relate to each other in a truly authentic way.  She did the rest, and was able to capture the most wonderful moments.  She has a fabulous eye for what’s genuine and beautiful.  Our pictures came out simply stunning, more so than I could have ever hoped for. We got so many compliments on our holiday card, and now I’m giving many of the other pictures as gifts for family as well as hanging many in our home.  The opportunity to purchase a CD of the photos is fantastic, because I wasn’t on the spot to decide which ones I wanted in which sizes, etc.  There is nothing I would have changed about our experience, and I would highly recommend Stacy to anyone!”  

- Nancy B.


"It’s not easy selecting someone to photograph your daughter for senior pictures.  My daughter had heard that a number of her friends were very pleased with Stacy Burt’s services, both quality of photography and cost.  Hence, we contacted Stacy and she accommodated us quickly and set up a place and time for the picture taking.  At the shoot, Stacy connected with my daughter right away, made her feel very comfortable and got right into taking shots.  My daughter was very relaxed and Stacy took many pictures from many perspectives and positions.  Stacy was a pleasure to work with.  She more than met the time frames she had stated to us and the pictures were excellent, so excellent, that it was extremely difficult to narrow it down to the ones we would actually select for the yearbook and for family and friends.  Stacy was also very accommodating for any adjustments we desired.  From start to finish, Stacy was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her to family and friends."

- Frank O. 


"I've been working on projects with Stacy for a couple of years now, and I'm always blown away by her ability to capture images with such artistry.  I am camera shy, and it's such a challenge for me to even agree to have my picture taken (and it usually shows in pictures how uncomfortable I am).  Stacy understands that most of us have insecurities, and she has a personality that you trust and feel at ease.  As far as her work, the best way for me to describe what I see is that she captures life, organically, with the ability to suit any of her client's image request.  Stacy is magic behind her camera!

-Maria R. 


“Working with Stacy was a wonderful experience from start to finish.  It quickly became clear that she was dedicated to making her clients confident in her attention to detail and showed professionalism throughout. She provided us with recommendations to have things run smoothly throughout the day.  We knew we had nothing to worry about.  She did an outstanding job chronicling the highlights of the day with Attorney Pete Wright at the Wrightslaw conference.  She was extremely proficient at working with the light that was available within the space and moved about the entire conference in a very unobtrusive way.  She provided us with very clear, sharp images that featured a variety of highlights throughout the day and it was done very promptly.  We would love the opportunity to work with her again and would highly recommend her without any reservations.”  

- Faith F.