For everything in life, I am grateful. For whatever is to come, I am ready
— Mary Lenore Quigley

Mission San Juan Capistrano, founded in 1775, is a place of historical, cultural, and religious significance in Christianity.  It is also a source of inspiration and education for many who visit this place which is found nestled in the middle of a modernized town that is flooded with old world charm and whimsy.  

It seems hard to imagine that just inside the doors of the Mission stand hundreds of years of history, unique beauty and breathtaking ruins that could tell a million stories.  It's as though time stood still, right there in the middle of this small town.  

It was a really peaceful, inspiring and spiritual place.  Just as the park was ending the tours for the day and we were heading out, loads of people toting yoga mats and water bottles were gathering at the entrance to the Mission Gardens.  They waited there in line to take part in Yoga on the garden lawn - a summertime event they have.  Couldn't imagine a more peaceful and spiritual place to practice yoga, even if among so many.

Here are some of the images from our day there.  Looking forward to going back and spending a little more time there.

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