about me


I am addicted to Pinterest because the inspiration is plentiful.  I love coffee for the warmth and Huffington Post for the articles. I love meaningful quotes and long weekends.  I feel a sense of excitement every time I see a wild animal in my local travels and wish I could bottle the smell of clean air after a thunderstorm.

Gathering inspiration from the big, small, significant and insignificant details of your life I can help create memories you will revisit time and time again.

Photos instantly brings us back to a moment in time, a conversation, a feeling, the sound of someone's voice ... a random detail.  We all have a unique story to tell. Stories of celebrations, love, challenges, growth and changes. Those are the details I want to help you capture. Those are the moments I want to freeze in time for you to revisit again and again. The moments you are living right now, big and small, will become your treasured memories of tomorrow.

I love the opportunity to work with my clients who return year after year and with those I’m meeting for the first time. My sessions are very relaxed, not designed to be stressful so you can be at ease and have fun being yourselves. Let me take care of the rest!

If my style and philosophy speak to you, contact me so we can talk about booking your custom session. Knowing that I'm the right photographer for you is a really great place for us to start.


 Bethel, CT