I find inspiration in the big and small, the significant and insignificant. I'm very drawn to details and find the little things can make the most impact. For me, creating art through photography is incredibly rewarding. It instantly brings me back to a moment in time, a conversation, a feeling, a random detail. 

I am a lover of coffee, music and good food. I love holidays, they're one more reason to celebrate and spend uninterrupted time with the ones I love. I am inspired by fashion, design, cinema, nature, feelgood Upworthy articles and pop culture. I love HBO series, watching movies and exploring new places.

I feel happy when my longtime clients return, year after year. I like seeing how their children have grown and hearing about the new things happening in their lives. It's a lot like catching up with an old friend. I also love meeting new people and helping them tell their story - freeze their moments in time - through my eyes. Everyone has a unique story to tell - one of celebrations, love, growth and change; triumphs and challenges. I love being a part of helping my clients capture those moments and tell their own unique story.

If my style of photography speaks to you, contact me so we can talk about booking your custom session. 


Bethel, CT   |    203.470.9926